Our Approach

Treat the individual – Manage the herd – Make the difference

The individual

Whatever the problem, we have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools within the practice, from battery operated portable scanners to digital X-ray equipment, cow-side blood testing to liver biopsy.

Many procedures will be carried out ‘on farm’ but, unlike most farm animal practices, we can provide hospitalisation facilities at Mullacott Veterinary Practice, where our veterinary nurses are on-site 24 hours a day. Here, we have the facilities to carry out minor procedures in our treatment room and major procedures, under general anaesthetic, in our well-equipped large animal operating theatre.

We’re proud to say that the attention to detail that underpins our service, leads to happy, healthy stock which in turn, leads to better production and profits.

The difference

In our experience, knowledge is the key to effective herd and flock health planning

Our involvement in the Defra funded Health Planning Initiative and our links with Duchy College have enabled us to provide high quality, partially funded health planning for our clients.

We routinely use software such as Interherd, Herd Companion, CIS and myhealthyherd.com as well as our own health planning programmes to assist our clients in the day to day and long-term management of health and production.Whether it’s the treatment of individual animals or reviewing production across the herd/flock, we are well placed to provide practical, constructive and up to date advice.

Over the years, we’ve built up considerable experience and expertise in dealing with issues raised by regulatory bodies such as FABL, Dairy Inspections and the various organic associations. This means we can offer you the benefit of our expertise and help when you need to deal with outside agencies.

Independent vets, dedicated care