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Torch Equine Vets remains one of the south-west’s leading vet-owned, independent practices.

Our dedicated equine vets are based across the region, making it easy for us to cover large parts of Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Much of our equipment is mobile but should circumstances dictate that further investigative work or surgery is necessary, our equine veterinary practice at Mullacott, Ilfracombe is staffed around the clock, 365 days of the year for 24 hour emergencies and resident nursing care. Equine in-patients are never left unattended overnight.  Our nurses answer all emergency calls out of hours; you will never be diverted to a call centre or answering service.

Our fully equipped equine operating theatre and recovery box allows us to complete a range of surgical procedures.  We have vets with post graduate qualifications in surgery with years of experience supported by a team of dedicated veterinary nurses.

We provide a medical and surgical referral service to practices in the south west, giving a large number of horses access to our clinical and surgical expertise and equipment.  For more information on our facilities and referral service please call us on 01271 879516.

Examples of our on-site services include:

  • Colics

  • Trauma surgery

  • Retained testicles

  • Septic joint management

  • Arthroscopic surgery

  • Lameness and poor performance examinations

  • Head and neck surgery

  • Dental surgery

  • Video gastroscopy

  • Intradermal skin testing

Here when you need us
24 hour care, seven days a week, 365 days a year

We have members of our trained nursing team ALWAYS ON SITE, able to answer your calls and provide assistance

Your call will NOT be re-routed to an out-of-hours answering service.

The Torch equine department covers a large area. However, we don’t measure our success by the size of the area we cover but rather by the quality of the care we deliver. We always ensure that we are able to attend emergencies with the minimum of delay

Accidents don’t always occur at the most convenient times. Rest assured, we are always here to help.


Torch Equine Vets provide:
  • Vets with higher post graduate qualifications in equine surgery

  • Years of experience in a range of surgical procedures

  • Vets experienced and focused on equine anesthesia

  • Qualified veterinary nurses

  • A fully equipped equine surgical theatre with separate padded recovery box

  • Trauma surgery

  • Colics

  • Head and neck surgery including laryngeal tie-backs, sinus surgery and soft palate surgery

  • Retained testicles

  • Septic joint management

  • Arthroscopic (key hole) surgery, joint abnormalities, joint fractures

  • Dental surgery

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