A new monitoring and management service to optimise the health and development of your calves

The aim of the Torch Youngstock Club is to monitor the health and growth of your calves. This will help to identify issues as early as possible to maximise growth and future productivity.

We will benchmark each farm in an anonymised way to give the opportunity to compare your stock with other farms locally. *

Over the course of a year, membership of the Torch Youngstock Club will include:

  • An assigned VetTech to ensure a consistent approach and a regular point of contact for your farm.

  • 12 x VetTech Visits (up to 1 hour). The timing will depend on your calving pattern. For all year round calvers this will typically be one visit per month, but for seasonal calvers this might be every 1 – 2 weeks.

  • 20 x Blood Total Protein to assess colostrum intake. Where it is appropriate to collect additional samples these will be charged in the normal way.

  • Calf weights (using weigh band)

  • A simple to use data collection form. After each visit we will collect a photo and wipe the form clean. We will monitor disease incidence, treatments and mortality.  This information will help you to complete the youngstock sections of your Red Tractor Review.

  • After each visit you and the lead farm vet will get a short report summarising results and weights. This will allow earlier discussion and actions.

Cost: £30 per month, over 12 months.

*Please let us know if you would prefer that we do not use your data.

It is our aim to work as part of your team of advisors to ensure good quality healthcare that is value for money.

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Utilising a wealth of experience within our team, we provide our farming community with the support, advice and clinical expertise required to drive efficiency and profitability on their farm