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Project Description

A team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who work alongside our vets to optimise farm animal health and production

Jen Burnett

Jen is an experienced member of the Torch team and part of a fourth generation Devonshire farming family.  Jen runs her own small holding as well as helping out on her parents’ beef farm.

Matt Berry

Matt’s background is on his family’s farm; rearing calves and managing a ewe lamb business. He completed a Level 3 Beef & Sheep Management course at Duchy College.

Jenny Hookway

Along with her family, Jenny runs a 180 pedigree Jersey herd calving in an autumn block. Jenny has a degree in Agriculture & Animal Science from Harper Adams. 

Kate South

Kate and her family run a beef and sheep farm on Exmoor. Kate joined Torch on the SWSBS team and organises the Sheep AI and embryo transfer.

Jemma Grant

In 2005 Jemma completed a BSc in Animal Science & Welfare and more recently became an R-SQP Animal Medicines Advisor.


Our technician services have been developed to assist our veterinary team provide a range of comprehensive animal health services to Torch clients including:

Lameness Control

  • Mobility scoring

Mastitis Control / Mastitis Tracker

  • Teat scoring

  • Mastitis sampling

  • Selective dry cow management

Youngstock Health Services / Calf Tracker

  • Blood sampling and weight monitoring

  • Calf disbudding

  • Fever tags

Herd Health

  • Surveillance sampling e.g. BVD & Johnes checks

  • Vaccination

  • Worming

Flock Health

  • AI and ET services as part of SWSBS

  • Surveillance sampling e.g. abortion & metabolic profiles

  • Sample collection for routine faecal egg counting

  • Vaccination

  • Bolussing

  • Worming

TB Services

  • Ear tag numbers & handling

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It is our aim to work as part of your team of advisors to ensure good quality healthcare that is value for money.

Independent vets, dedicated care

Utilising a wealth of experience within our team, we provide our farming community with the support, advice and clinical expertise required to drive efficiency and profitability on their farm