Why use a teaser ram?

Teaser rams are useful in any flock which wishes to:

  • Tighten the lambing period

  • Encourage ewes to come into season a week or two earlier than normal at the onset of the breeding season

  • Stimulate maiden ewes to cycle naturally prior to tupping

Ewes must be totally isolated from the sight and smell of rams (separated by at least one mile) for at least six weeks

We strongly encourage the use of teaser rams within AI programmes. 

Conception rates to AI with frozen semen can be improved by 7-10% if teasers are introduced at sponge removal. 

How to use teaser rams

Natural breeding – introduce the teaser ram at a ratio of 1 ram : 100 ewes, replace the teaser after 14 days with fertile rams at ratio of 1 ram : 20 ewes. Most ewes will be served at either 18 or 25 days after the teaser is first introduced.

AI programmes – introduce the raddled teaser at sponge removal and leave with the ewes until they have all been inseminated.

Maiden ewes – maiden ewes that have been tupped by a teaser are easier to sponge. The teaser can be run with the ewes either during the previous autumn or three weeks prior to sponge insertion.

It is important that the maiden ewes are well away from the sight, smell and sound of any rams for at least 28 days prior to introducing the teaser. Remember to take the teaser out at sponge insertion. If the ewes are to be AI’d he can be re-introduced at sponge removal and left until all the ewes have been inseminated.

Ram vasectomy

How to select a teaser ram?

The teaser needs to be prepared at least six weeks in advance of when he is required for use, to make sure he is no longer fertile.

A teaser ram should have the following qualities:

  • Shearling – so he lasts for several seasons

  • High libido – willing to do lots of chasing

  • Fit and healthy – he’ll work harder than a ram

  • Sound with good feet and joints – he should have no history of recurring lameness or joint ill

  • Good teeth – to maintain body condition and for longevity

  • Health status – MV/scrapie to match the health status of your flock


Your own veterinary surgeon would normally carry out the necessary surgery but we would be happy to do this for you here at Torch Farm Vets, with your own vet’s permission. The procedure is relatively quick and can normally be carried out under light sedation while you wait. We insist on laboratory examination of the tissues removed to confirm that the procedure was correctly carried out.

Semen testing

Although very rare, there have been reports of re-canalisation. Problems can easily be avoided by semen testing the ram before each season.

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