Take the worry out of worming with our veterinary led worming packages.

Research shows that up to 90% of worm treatments may be unnecessary and that over-worming is contributing to the rise of wormer resistance.

At Torch Equine Vets, we’ve prevented over 3500 unnecessary worm treatments in the last five years.

Why do we need to worm?

Worms in excessive numbers cause many gastrointestinal problems in horses, ponies and donkeys. A combination of pasture management, worm egg counts (WECs) and targeted worming will ensure that these worm burdens are kept to a healthy level and minimise the risk of disease.

Worms can cause:

  • Colic – medical and surgical

  • Weight loss and severe diarrhoea

  • Impactions (blockages)

  • Poor growth of youngsters

  • Blockages in intestinal blood vessels

  • Hair loss/itching around the tail head

Benefits of the Targeted Worming Programme:

  • Use up-to-date veterinary knowledge to create a ‘greener’ method of worm control

  • A modern alternative to traditional fixed interval dosing regimes

  • Identify those ‘wormy’ horses in the paddock

  • Provide evidence that the worming regime is effective

  • Identify horses carrying strains of resistant worms

  • Suitable for horses living individually or on larger yards

  • Use only effective drugs at the right time of year

Targeted Worming Programme 

This graph demonstrates that just short of over 85% of samples from 2023 were below our treatment threshold of 350 eggs per gram. Most horses as a result are only wormed once a year.

A complete annual worming solution for adult horses and ponies:

  • Three worm egg counts are carried out throughout the spring and summer. Kits and return postage are sent directly to your door.

  • Veterinary reports are sent out with worm egg count results

  • All Roundworm and Tapeworm treatments
    supplied FREE of charge if required over the
    12 month period.

  • EquiSalTM Saliva test for measuring tapeworm
    infestation in Autumn

  • Suitable for adult horses from 4 years of age

Please note that worm egg counts do not detect encysted redworm larvae, tapeworm or pinworm.

If you are concerned about infection, please contact your vet.

Full membership onto the targeted worming programme is included for all Equine Total Healthcare Plans.

A supplement of £28 is added for horses weighing over 700kg.

Individual worm egg counts are available. Our vets are happy to advise on which wormers should be used at a particular time of year.

Youngsters and pregnant mares require special consideration.

Yard Fee: £74.50 inc. VAT

Full postal scheme £81.70 inc. vat
(<700kg. Discounts available to multiples)

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