A complete range of stud services delivered by our dedicated team of equine vets

As a practice, we are passionate about providing first class, cost effective stud services to our clients. We take enormous pleasure in following the progress of the offspring from the mares and stallions we work with.

Our stud services see us working with mares being covered naturally whilst resident at one of our studs or ‘being walked in’ elsewhere in the UK.

We are a BEVA accredited AI centre and proud to have members of our vets listed on the BEVA accredited AI list for frozen and chilled semen in 2024.

We offer artificial insemination services with fresh, chilled or frozen semen at home or at one of our three AI locations.

Our stud services include:

  • Embryo transfer and a transported embryo service (FOC if shared between 4+ clients)

  • Semen collection, analysis and in house despatch from a range of stallions

  • Sub-fertility examinations in mares and stallions

  • Emergency cover for foaling

  • Uterine endoscopy (hysteroscopy) and laser removal of uterine cysts

  • Emergency and elective surgery for orthopaedic conditions of the foal

  • Experienced veterinary technicians to ensure our lab and semen store run effectively

  • Outstanding 24 hour emergency and nursing care

stud services from torch equine vets
stud services from torch equine vets

Our AI packages represent excellent value and include:

  • All reproductive examinations required to prepare the mare for insemination

  • All scans up to 45 days

  • Internal laboratory swabs, smears and in-house culture

  • Artificial insemination with examinations of semen under microscopy

  • One uterine lavage with saline and antibiotics, if required

  • Hormone treatments including prostaglandins, Chorulon™, oxytocin and desrorelin

  • Free storage of frozen semen during the season

The following are not included in AI packages:

  •  Endometrial biopsy

  • Treatments unrelated to covering/AI

  • Ovuplant™ and Regumate™

  • CEM/EVA laboratory charges

  • Sedation if required during examination

  • Livery fees

  • Caslicks surgery, if required

  • Twin reduction and related treaments

  • More than one uterine lavage and routine antibiotics

  • Any frozen semen handling fees

AI cycle and package fees:

– Torch Equine Vets, Mullacott, Ilfracombe
– Higher Litchardon Farm

  • No visit fee

  • Chilled/fresh semen per cycle £264.25 (+ £150 in-foal fee*)
  • Unlimited cycle package per seasons £696 (no in-foal fee)
  • Frozen semen 1st cycle £371; 2nd cycle £357.68; 3rd cycle £327

– home within 30 miles of Barnstaple

If your home is more than 30 miles from Barnstaple, visit fees will vary on distance. Please call to discuss.

  • Fixed visit fee of £24
  • Chilled semen per cycle £294.25 (+ £150 in-foal fee*)
  • Unlimited cycle package per seasons £766 (no in-foal fee)

  • Frozen semen – please call to discuss

*The in-foal fee enables us to keep our cycle fees to a minimum. The in-foal fee is charged when the mare is scanned 30 days in foal.
This fee covers the 3-4 scans that the mare undergoes to monitor the pregnancy, up to 45 days of gestation.
Stud discounts are available for multiple mares.

Other fees:

Stud related fees: £
Mare pregnancy twin reduction scheme £35.56
Pregnancy scan £46.27
Caslicks operation £48.43
Sedation ( reduced stud rate) £28.70
Uterine Lavage £36.54
Uterine Lavage including antibiotics £57.62
Embryo transfer fees: £
Synchronisation per recipient mare £147.91
Flush and embryo search £256.12
Embryo transfer £193.63

If you have been thinking about breeding from your mare, please contact
Paul Jarvis (m: 07811 443255) or Torch Equine Vets on 01271 879516 / 01409 331009 for an informal discussion
regarding your needs.

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