Minimise the risks of ram infertility with our comprehensive breeding soundness assessments

Why fertility test your rams?

  • Check fertility of a new or young ram after purchase and before use

  • Identify rams of low fertility

  • Confirm fertility status of a suspect ram

Between 15-20% of rams can have low fertility.

Identifying these before use can have the following benefits:

  • A single fertile ram can be worked with a large group of ewes. Working on his own he will concentrate his energies on serving ewes and not be distracted or intimidated by other rams

  • More ewes will be tupped in a day by a single fertile ram working more efficiently on his own

  • Lambing time will be tightened up with only minimal ewes returning after the four week tupping period

  • Barren ewe numbers will be reduced

  • Fewer rams will need to be purchased

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