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Project Description

Enjoy the same excellent standards of care at a reduced rate with our equine zone visit scheme

Our equine zone visit scheme allows you to receive discounted visits from one of our dedicated and experienced equine vets for routine, non-emergency work on pre-determined days.

By planning ahead you can save money and keep on top of your horse’s health.

What is a zone visit?

In addition to our usual visits we also offer a reduced price Zone Visit scheme. This scheme enables pre -booked routine work to be performed at a discounted visit rate of just £20 including VAT.

They are restricted to a particular day of the week depending on the area. You are unable to request an exact time or specific vet but your visit will always be from one of our team of dedicated equine vets.

Zone visits are not appropriate for re-examinations of issues we have previously seen the horse for, non-routine dental treatment, castrations, pre-purchase examinations and reproduction. A normal veterinary visit are available for these.

Which is my zone visit day?

We offer Zone Visits across North Devon, Exmoor and parts of North Cornwall. Please view the map below to check the day we visit your area:

Equine Zone Visits:

  • £16 plus VAT fee or £8 if shared between multiple clients on the same yard
    (FOC if shared between 4+ clients)

  • For pre-booked routine work such as vaccinations, routine dental care, microchipping, passport sketching, sedation for clipping/farrier etc.

  • Visit must be pre-booked in advance, by 1pm the preceding day. You will not be able to request a specific time or vet for this visit

  • Please rest assured that our normal service will continue to operate alongside zone visits

Payment for zone visits and work carried out must be settled according to our terms of business (within 28 days of invoice date) or a standard visit charge will be applied to your account.

Please note that this is a discounted visit fee available to clients whose accounts are up-to-date and in-line with our terms and conditions.

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Torch Equine Vets - Equine Zone Visits leaflet

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