Increase efficiency and profit with Vadia milking time testing

We are excited to offer miking time testing with our VaDia units.

Giving you the chance to find out exactly what’s happening during the miking process, this new service offers:

  • Valuable information on how milking equipment and routines are affecting cell count, mastitis and cow comfort

  • The opportunity to identify potentially minor adjustments which could have a significant impact on efficiency and profitability.

What are the Vadia units?

VaDia is a data logger that measures the vacuum during milking at four points in the milking cluster. It is battery operated and small and lightweight enough to be attached to a teat-cup during milking. It can also be used to test pulsation function looking at vacuum levels during A, B, C and D-phases as well as the timings in each phase.

How does it work?

During milking one VaDia unit is attached to a cluster at the front of the parlour and one is attached to a cluster at the back. It monitors vacuum level in three mouthpieces and the short milk tube. This information is uploaded onto a computer and the readings can be interpreted, giving us information on how efficient the milking has been.

What does it tell us?

  • Cow preparation (Bi-modal milking)

  • Overmilking

  • Automatic take-off functioning

  • Do the liners fit these teats?

  • Teat-end vacuum during peak-flow

  • Vacuum level and fluctuations

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