Is your horse underperforming or under the weather? Find out why…

No matter how thorough our vets are, not every diagnosis can be made on physical examination alone.

Diagnostics offered at Torch Equine Vets for our clients across the south west include our two highly equipped laboratories. Blood, urine and microbiology analysis provide routine health monitoring and pre-anaesthesia safety checks. Immediate critical information allows us to respond quickly in emergency situations.

At Torch Equine Vets you can be assured of rapid and reliable diagnostics and meaningful interpretation by experienced veterinary clinicians.

  • Routine health monitoring

  • Competitively priced racing/competition horse blood profiles

  • McMaster or FECPAK worm egg counting

  • Skin scrapings for parasites

  • Bacteriological culture

  • Immunoglobulin (IGG) level testing in foals

Diagnostics offered at Torch Equine Vets

We have direct access to specialist external laboratories in the UK which can provide:

  • More comprehensive testing

  • Hormone testing

  • Histology examination – (examination of tissues)

diagnostics offered at Torch Equine Vets

Torch Equine Vets diagnostics:


Radiography & Ultrasound

Radiography and ultrasound are the most commonly used imaging techniques in horses and our vets have access to a full range of portable digital equipment.

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The provision of outstanding veterinary care and excellent customer service lies at the heart of what we do. Thanks to our five convenient locations we cover large parts of the south-west. Our reach is wide but our focus remains on offering the highest clinical standards and customer service to our highly valued clients.