Maintain a healthy flock with our High Health Plan tailored specifically for sheep farmers

At Torch Farm Vets, we focus on optimising the health and productivity of your flock with a clear focus on delivering strategies that reduce the costs of production and the use of medicines on your farm. 

Our Sheep High Health Plan is a comprehensive animal care package that incorporates routine disease and parasite surveillance, alongside an annual health and management review.  

Each farm has a nominated lead and support vet ensuring a high level and continuity of care at all times so you can be confident in having rapid access to dedicated farm animal vets with considerable local knowledge and experience. 

Torch Farm Vets High Health Plan members can expect:

  • Planned visits focusing on health and fertility

  • Discounts on prescription and non-prescription medicines

  • Discounts on ALL additional professional fees

  • Improved, cost effective day to day contact

  • Focused performance monitoring

  • An annual ‘health planning’ review

  • Nominated lead and support vets

  • Wormer and infectious disease screens

It is our aim to work as part of your team of advisors to ensure good quality healthcare that is value for money.

Independent vets, dedicated care

Utilising a wealth of experience within our team, we provide our farming community with the support, advice and clinical expertise required to drive efficiency and profitability on their farm