Working with our sheep farmers to improve productivity with effective ration analysis

Using the same feeding routine every year, regardless of forage quality, can cause reduced performance and disease problems in ewes and lambs.

Torch Farm Vets’ feed analysis service aims to increase productivity and reduce reliance on prophylactic antibiotic use in lambs. We focus on improving colostrum quality by checking the rations fed to ewes.

We offer two ration analysis options, each with different levels of involvement:

Basic ration analysis: pre-feed purchase advice

Provide us with your forage analysis and we can advise you on:

  • Which concentrate to purchase based on available forage

  • Mixing proportions for blends

  • Which forage to use if more than one is available

  • Feeding rates to the point of parturition

  • Costings – calculate cost per ewe

It is our aim to work as part of your team of advisors to ensure good quality healthcare that is value for money.

Independent vets, dedicated care

Utilising a wealth of experience within our team, we provide our farming community with the support, advice and clinical expertise required to drive efficiency and profitability on their farm