Rear more profitable heifers by optimising the health and performance of your youngstock

The optimum age for calving heifers is 22-24 months to maximise their lifetime yields and productivity. Suckler cows should also be calving at two years old for optimum lifetime production.

Heifers therefore need to be reaching growth rates of 850g-1kg/per day to breed at 13-15 months when they should be 60% of their mature body weight. This process needs to start at day one of the calf’s life.

The Calf Tracker Scheme focuses on your calves from birth to weaning. Monitoring important benchmarks in the early months allows us to assess the farm’s current status in terms of healthy growing calves, and informs a programme of improvements to help you reach your targets.

The programme involves:

  • Measuring colostrom quality and transfer in young calves

  • Monitoring pre weaning growth rates

  • Recording disease and mortality incidence

The Calf Tracker Scheme includes:

  • An initial visit to take bloods from up to 10 calves, 1-7 days old, to assess colostrum transfer and weigh band all heifer calves pre-weaning to ascertain levels of growth calves

  • Total proteins are then measured from the blood samples at the practice, which allows us to advise on colostrum transfer

  • Ongoing monitoring ensures that you can assess the impact of any management changes you make, and pick up any problems early to prevent disease.

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