High quality breeding services for pedigree sheep breeders across the South West

South West Sheep Breeding

South West Sheep Breeding Services is part of Torch Farm Vets, originally established in 1989 by Mike Glover MA VetMB CertSHP MRCVS.

The team of Mike Glover and Guto Wynne BVMS MRCVS are supported by technicians Kate South and Jemma Grant.

We regularly deliver sheep AI services to around 1,000 ewes per year in pedigree sheep flocks across the South West. We bring a wealth of related experience to this work and are committed to offering the highest levels of service to flocks of any size.

Our services:

  • Embryo collection, transfer and freezing
  • Artificial insemination
  • Semen collection and freezing (centre only)
  • Ram fertility evaluation
  • Bull fertility evaluation (on farm only)
  • Semen storage
  • Ram vasectomy

Our facilities:

  • Operating facilities to allow surgical procedures such as embryo collection and AI
  • Laboratory area for processing embryos and semen
  • Storage for embryos and semen for MV accredited flocks
  • Sheep handling facilities for training and collecting semen from rams
  • Secure indoor pens for rams

South West Sheep Breeding Services also offers a referral service to other veterinary practices for ram fertility examinations.

Please download our information pack for full details of our services: SWSBS 2018 leaflet

We welcome enquiries from all sheep breeders, whether established flocks or just starting out.

Please contact one of the team at South Molton on 01769 610000 or email enquiries to: