Preventative care

Farm Dog Worming

Protect your flock and your investment with our convenient and effective farm dog worming programme

When did you last worm your farm dogs?

Dogs that have ingested tapeworm parasites can pass up to 750,000 eggs in their faeces every day.

Eggs can survive on grass for up to six months, leaving your sheep extremely vulnerable to their consumption via contaminated pasture. Once ingested, sheep develop larval cysts in their body, frequently causing their carcass to be condemned at slaughter as unfit for human consumption.

Different types of tapeworms will result in varying cysts which will affect different parts of the sheep’s body. For example, Cysticercus ovis causes muscle cysts and was found in 57,500 sheep in 2015, causing an industry loss of over £4 million.

In the same year, the tapeworm causing Cysticercus tenuicollis was responsible for over 548,000 liver condemnations – representing well over half of the total annual rejections in England.

Once a sheep is exposed to tapeworm eggs it is impossible to prevent the cysts developing.

Therefore, it is essential that preventative measures are put in place

We have developed a new scheme at Torch Farm Vets that provides a cost-effective worming programme for your farm dogs.

  • Simple affordable programme tailor-made for farm dogs
  • Dosage dispensed quarterly with a monthly reminder service
  • An easy way to keep your records up to date for farm assurance inspections
  • Includes a laminated poster to inform other dog owners of the risks to your sheep of tapeworms

Take action now to break the cycle of infestation through simple farm and land management practices:

  • Keep all dogs from scavenging on carcasses, body parts or afterbirth
  • Keep all dogs on farm wormed against tapeworm (including Granny’s Yorkie!)
  • Encourage control in visiting dogs as they can bring the infection onto your grassland, especially if their owners don’t pickup the dog’s faeces

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