Reducing Antibiotic Usage Workshop

Torch Farm Vets would like to invite you to the first in a series of on farm workshops looking at Reducing Antibiotic Usage Through Disease Prevention.

There is increasing pressure from the industry to decrease reliance on antibiotics and instead embrace other methods of preventing or managing disease which will be discussed throughout the day.

We hope for this to be an interactive meeting and so there will be several work stations to get involved with, these will include:

  • Benchmarking your antibiotic usage against other Torch farms, resistance mechanisms and which drugs are appropriate to use and when
  • The dry cow – cow signals in the dry cow pen & how to get the most out of those ‘Vital 90 Days’
  • Calves – once you have good quality colostrum where to next? Collection methods and milk replacers
  • Minimising mastitis in fresh cows – how to set levels for selective dry cow therapy and what to do with those borderline cows and boosting their immune defences

Tuesday 27th June at 11.30am

To be held at: Bittadon Farm Ltd.

Church Farm

Bittadon, Barnstaple

Light refreshments will be provided .

Please give Jemma a call to confirm your attendance on 01769 610000 by Wednesday 21st June.

Places are limited so please RSVP promptly to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you there! 


Reducing Antibiotic Usage Workshop