Farm Dogs Worming Programme

Take action to prevent dog tapeworm causing carcase condemnation in sheep

  • Keep all dogs  from scavenging on carcasses, body parts or afterbirth.
  • Keep all dogs wormed against tapeworm ( including Granny’s Yorkie!)
  • Encourage control in visiting dogs as they could also bring the infection onto your grassland, especially if their owners don’t pick up the dog’s faeces.

 Special Offer Only Available for Torch Farm Clients

Torch Farm Vets is working with Bayer to reduce the cost of worming your farm dogs with the aim of reducing the risk of sheep becoming infected with tapeworm cysts. Torch Farm Dogs Worming Programme is subsidised for at least 6 months. See table below.

Dog worm table

What do you get?

  •  Quarterly supply of wormers for each enrolled dog
  • A poster to encourage good tapeworm control for visiting dogs.

* Subsided by Torch and Bayer for at least 6 months. Invoiced quarterly.

When were your farm dogs last wormed?

  •  Canine tapeworm infections in sheep are a growing concern.  Grazing sheep can be infected by tapeworm eggs in dogs faeces and will subsequently develop cysts in their body.
  •   A  large number of sheep carcasses are condemned at slaughter every year, as the presence of these cysts makes them unfit for human consumption.
  • Different types of tapeworms will result in different types of cysts which affect different parts of the carcase.
  • There is no effective treatment in sheep
  • Cysticercus ovis (a life stage of Taenia ovis), Taenia multiceps (causes Gid) and Cysticercus tenuicollis (a life stage of Taenia hydatigena) caused almost half of liver condemnations in England in 2012 (Eblex data).



Farm Dogs Worming Programme

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