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Welcome to Torch Farm Vets

We are a dedicated farm veterinary practice proudly delivering a local service across the south west.

We have extensive experience managing large single species of dairy, beef, sheep, pig, goat and alpaca units as well as caring for smaller multi-species holdings.

Being committed to animal welfare means we are always updating ourselves on new practices and new thinking. That way, our clients get the best levels of care at all times.

The scale of our department allows us to offer a wide range of specialist skills to meet your needs.

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Ilfracombe • Barnstaple • South Molton • Bideford

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“We aim to maintain the highest of clinical standards whilst providing a friendly and practical service to our clients”

Why Torch

Why choose Torch Vets?

We say...

  • A friendly and helpful reception team
  • A large team of experienced vets to ensure contact with skilled clinicians and case continuity
  • Use of modern equipment and technology
  • Easy access to emergency medicines
  • Hospitalisation facilities staffed 24/7
  • Access to specialist laboratory services
  • Farmer training courses and access to funding
  • Constantly adopting modern methods and technology
  • Dedicated Sheep Breeding specialists

Our clients say...

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