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Sexed semen is becoming increasingly available and utilised on many dairy herds.

Torch Farm Vets are hosting a discussion meeting with seasonally biased herds who may or may not be using sexed semen.

During the meeting, we will hold an interactive session exploring the science behind the sexed semen technology and how this has evolved over the years. We will look at national studies on success rates along with other data from farmer groups so you can see what you can expect to achieve!

We will also discuss factors influencing the success of its use. We will be comparing the fertility efficiency of your herds using Total Vet software to benchmark submission rates and conception rates for your service block in comparison with other seasonally calving herds within Torch (first 9 weeks and only for AI to allow comparability).

Please join us on Thursday 15 August at 7pm, to include light refreshments.

If you would like to attend, please complete a short questionnaire if you are already using sexed semen. The questionnaire is available by email (contact jolock@torchvets.com) or from your local surgery. This will allow us to analyse data from your farm and compare it (anonymously) to others and analyse how sexed semen is performing in your herd.

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