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New Red Tractor standards state that at least one person, who is responsible for administering medicines has undertaken training and holds a certificate of competence/attendance from training undertaken since October 2016.  

Training courses cover at least:

  • Medicine types 
  • Medicine handling
  • Administration
  • Medicine storage
  • Recording requirements
  • Avoiding residues

The Milksure course covers these requirements.

The course consists of two parts; the first part is a small group session where we discuss the use of medicines, the implications of a bulk tank failure and the multitude of ways this could occur.  The second part is on your own farm; we conduct a risk assessment with you and consider whether there are any changes you may like to make, followed by an online test.

You may bring as many people as you wish, we encourage everybody who administers medicines or milks cows on your farm to attend if possible.  Most people seem to enjoy it more than they would expect and learn something!

To register your interest for this or future courses please contact your usual surgery.

The cost is £200 + vat per farm for both parts of the training. This includes training for all farm staff.

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