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Join Torch, AHDB, Elanco & top key speakers for a collaborative

and informative event on the 13th June. Our Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock and Healthy Business

event is for anyone interested in working with nature to improve efficiency and profitability on farm.

An introduction to the host farm and the changes they have made on their journey to become more sustainable.

Sally-Ann Spence, an entomologist and farmer, will introduce us to the humble dung beetle and explain why they are vitally important insects which improve the quality and structure of soil, reduce parasite burdens in livestock and provide a variety of other crucial services within agricultural landscapes.

Torch Vets will do some myth-busting around sustainable worming practices

Alex Bebbington, Project Officer at Farm Net Zero will discuss the learnings from the project and what is being achieved and what you can do on your farm.

Torch Vets and Elanco will discuss improving production efficiency through health, nutrition and genetics.

Charlie Morgan, a grassland consultant at Grassmaster, will share how to get the most from your pasture with a focus on healthy soils.


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