Preventative Care

Annual health checks and vaccinations

Prevention is certainly better than cure and by ensuring your horse receives its annual vaccinations and dental examinations you will be able to discuss any health issues with the vet, allowing early intervention should there be a problem. Protecting your horse from parasites and maintaining a healthy diet under expert advice will go a long way in ensuring that your horse stays well.

The attached guide gives information into what infectious diseases we vaccinate horses against, and why vaccination is important.

Horse Owners Vaccination Guide

total Health Care Plan

Equine Total Health Care Plan

This is a very popular scheme which provides excellent value for money. For a monthly payment all preventative health care required through the year is covered, including influenza and tetanus vaccination, routine dental treatment and a targeted worming plan.

For more information go to our Equine Total Health Care Plan page


Targeted Equine Worming

Targeted Worming

The susceptibility of horses to infestation by parasitic worms is very individual. Targeted worming enables horses to be treated only if necessary, whilst receiving a routine bot, tapeworm and encysted redworm treatment in the winter.  Our Targeted Worming Programme has been running for the past 4 years and has been very well received, with our lab now processing over 500 worm egg counts a year. Members include individual owners to entire livery yards.

Find out more about Equine Targeted Worming


Protecting your horse from illness and disease