It’s time to meet Archie in our fat to fabulous series!

Archie is a very big boy that unfortunately really likes his grub and is rather on the lazy side. Sadly this lead to him gradually piling on weight and eventually reaching a body score of ⅘ and weight of 634kg

The wake up call came when Archie developed laminitis, a recurrent foot abscess and a flare up of asthma as a result of his obesity. For several weeks, Archie was put on a strict diet and kept in a large courtyard that was adjacent to the paddock where all his friends were turned out. He could still enjoy the fresh air and interact with his mates while his feet slowly recovered.

Once his insulin levels and laminitis were under control, Archie was able to go out in the field for a few hours at a time with a grazing muzzle on to restrict his grass intake.

Months of tough love have paid off as Archie is now a much healthier 518kg! He is able to go out hacking on a regular basis, his asthma is easier to control and his energy levels have considerably improved. A fantastic achievement, well done Archie!