Next up, it’s time to look at hard feed.

To achieve weight loss, horses need to be taken off cereal feeds and sweet treats such as apples, carrots and alfalfa cubes. However, severely restricting grazing, soaking hay and cutting out hard feed can lead to a deprivation of essential vitamins, minerals and salts. So, it is important to supplement dieting horses.

There are now a plethora of low sugar chaffs available that can be used instead of hard feed and to administer medication. They contain vitamins and minerals but, in obese and laminitic horses, the quantities needed to meet the horse’s full requirements would still imply feeding too much sugar. In these cases a low starch balancer or supplement is used to administer the necessary levels of vitamins and minerals.

Our own Veterinary Complex Multi-Vitamin supplement is ideal for horses and ponies on a diet. It’s a low sugar nutritional supplement formulated to promote and maintain optimum health for horses on restricted grazing and provides an extremely cost-effective way to ensure your weight-watcher is receiving everything they need from their feed ration.

If your horse is young, old, pregnant or suffers from any medical conditions, please speak to a vet before embarking on a strict weight loss diet.