Spotlight on staff : Kate South

It’s Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month this month!

As well as our qualified veterinary nurses, we also have other clinical staff such as animal nursing assistants and veterinary technicians who are extremely valuable in ensuring the smooth running of the practice.

Vet Tech Kate South offers an insight into her role as a Vet Tech so take a read and find out more…

Where are you based and how long have you worked for Torch?
I am based in South Molton and I have worked as a technician for Torch since 2015.
What made you decided to go into a vet tech career?
Having grown up on the family farm, I knew I wanted to work with animals. We’ve been clients with Torch for several years, my Gran saw the position advertised in the Newsletter- prompting for me to apply. Our vet Mike Glover encouraged me as well, I think he must have put in a good word!
Did you undertake any formal training before starting the role? 
Nope- I joined Torch having done my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I have been trained several things since I’ve worked here including cattle foot trimming, blood sampling, calf monitoring and even sheep embryology!
What’s the best thing about your job? And the worst?
The best thing about working for the vets is going out to all the different farms, being part of the South West Sheep Breeding team we cover from Cornwall to Dorset- and even ventured to Hampshire once to A.I. sheep! Torch is a fantastic team to work for and It’s always a laugh here, it’s pretty good when the vet students bake cake too.
The worst thing about my job is cleaning up after the vets when the come in with all the kit plastered in goodness knows what!
Do you have animals yourself? What are they?
Aside from the family farm, I have a horse called Kevin, a collie called Mango and I’ve just started my own little flock of Suffolk sheep.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
My Favourite thing to do is ride my horse across the moors, although there’s not much time for that at the minute because of lambing.
Favourite place to go in North Devon?
Home- Sad but true! On my days off you can guarantee I’ll be home on the farm somewhere!